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Either you have a website, you are good at online marketing, programming or you can convince your friends to buy something, with 2Parale you can earn more money.

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Total approved comissions

7.846.517.39 RON

Total generated sales

102.708.744.83 RON

Yesterday's largest commission

(IT&C) 652.3 RON

Yesterday's largest sale

(IT&C) 3.708.87 RON


Gabriel Nechita

Gabriel Nechita Tabata.ro

Affiliate in 2Parale for over 4 years
Affiliate marketing is my favourite method of online monetization. I understood immediately how I can monetize my online presence. If you want to earn money to live from your passion, 2Parale is the most effective solution to make money online.
Daniel Chvatik

Daniel Chvatik Adulmec.ro

Affiliate in 2Parale for about 3 years
Working with 2Parale proved to be an inspired decision. Through this partnership we have been able to achieve steady monthly revenues and to demonstrate that we represent an effective source of leads and sales for advertisers. The activity of the 2Parale team encouraged us to interact directly with local advertisers and to understand the particularities of different industries involved in affiliate marketing in Romania, which helps us make decisions appropriate to this local market.
Ana Mihăilescu

Ana Mihăilescu MarketOnline

Advertiser in 2Parale for over 5 years
With an extensive experience in this field and a team of professionals 2Parale helped us to experience another online marketing tool.
Răzvan Dan

Răzvan Dan ClickShop

Advertiser in 2Parale for about 3 years
Competence, promptness and especially flexibility. These are the things we look at when we choose to work with 2Parale and these qualities were confirmed over and over again during a collaboration lasting more than 1 year.

Why should you work with us

  • We pay you in time

    We guarantee the weekly payment of each affiliate who sends us a valid payment request.

  • We help you to learn

    Ask us anything regarding affiliate marketing and we will answer shortly.

  • Real time statistics

    You can easily analyze the traffic sent by you, the comissions you have earned and the performance for each campaign.

  • Promotional tools

    We provide banners, plugins or products feeds for the campaigns on your website.

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