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Either you have a website, you are good at online marketing, programming or you can convince your friends to buy something, with 2Parale you can earn more money.

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Total approved comissions

7.894.057.92 RON

Total generated sales

103.596.723.92 RON

Yesterday's largest commission

(Servicii B2B) 300.0 RON

Yesterday's largest sale

(IT&C) 6.960.0 RON


Catalin Teniță

Catalin Teniță TreeWorks

Affiliate in 2Parale for almost 5 years
Americans have a saying that fits very well in affiliate marketing, "vote with your How does this concept apply in the online environment? Beyond all the smart phrases about demographics, purchase intentions, profiles for users of the site, remains the effective action: the purchase! And this is exactly what 2Parale does: it helps websites with strong communities, to provide publicity not as a necessary evil, but as a form of content that can really provide value to users.
Alina Savu

Alina Savu Web Connect

Affiliate in 2Parale for over 5 years
Two years ago I did not even know what affiliate marketing was, and today the affiliate position in 2Parale brings me a constant monthly financial gain that I am satisfied with! But the biggest gain is that I know my audience, I know exactly what products and services our users buy ! All this information has helped to attract new partners and customers!
Alex Ioniță

Alex Ioniță Vivre.ro

Advertiser in 2Parale for almost 2 years
2Parale brings the best ROI from all the marketing channels.
Nicolae Slav

Nicolae Slav dEpurtat.ro

Advertiser in 2Parale for over 1 year
For me, 2Parale means less worries, more sales, something that seemed impossible a while ago. I want to thank the large number of affiliates for trusting me and I promise that the commissions growth will continue.

Why should you work with us

  • We pay you in time

    We guarantee the weekly payment of each affiliate who sends us a valid payment request.

  • We help you to learn

    Ask us anything regarding affiliate marketing and we will answer shortly.

  • Real time statistics

    You can easily analyze the traffic sent by you, the comissions you have earned and the performance for each campaign.

  • Promotional tools

    We provide banners, plugins or products feeds for the campaigns on your website.

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